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Fun, affordable, and easily deployed, Google Cardboard viewers facilitate unforgettable virtual reality experiences. Simply fold them into shape, slot in your smartphone, and run the app. EdTechTeam and MAXCases believe in the infinite potential of VR technology to immerse, engage, and educate students like never before.

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EdTechTeam and MAXCases are proud to introduce a new design in Virtual Reality (VR) devices for the classroom. With the advent of affordable VR devices, teachers are being inundated with cardboard boxes and expensive headsets clearly not designed for classroom use. We are introducing FlipOut, an easy to use, lightweight virtual reality viewer that can be easily stored in a classroom, even the teacher’s pocket.

EdTechTeam has this device reasonably-priced that can be used with many portable devices while providing unmatched virtual learning and excitement in the classroom. They can tour inside the human body or be immersed in a 360° video. With existing free mobile applications like Google StreetView, kids can even create 360° images in placed-based lessons.
  • Foldable
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Access to training videos provided by EdTechTeam
  • Discounted PD offered for bulk purchases
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Introducing the FlipOut

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