Increasing Participation in The Classroom with Chromebooks
A comfortable and communicative learning environment is imperative to a student’s growth and success. There are a variety of apps available for your Chromebook that create such an environment, and encourage students to participate, ask questions, and hold discussions openly.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom is a great choice for teachers who utilize Chromebooks in the classroom. It allows teachers share content while also posting and collecting assignments. Shy students who may dislike speaking up in class especially benefit from this, as they are able to share ideas with both teachers and students online.

ChalkUp helps instructors have productive class discussions, get students organized, simplify grading and feedback, and share course materials. It is a closed, online forum that works with Google Apps for Education, and it allows students to participate in discussions or post feedback on each other’s comments.

iTunes U
Great for increasing participation in classrooms that utilize iPads, iTunes U lets teachers creative private courses, which may include assignments and learning materials. The platform also lets students post questions and participate in classroom discussions.

Schoology is a learning management system that is accessible on iOS, Android, and Amazon apps, as well as online. Teachers can moderate online classrooms that give students the space to post comments and responses to their peers.

This learning platform, available on multiple platforms and operating systems, has an interface similar to Facebook, making it especially intuitive to utilize. Instructors can post questions directed at the class, and students can response in different threads. Edmodo also allows you to seamlessly use Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office within the platform.

Learning to leverage virtual spaces to increase participation is extremely beneficial for both the teacher and the student. Your Chromebook and its available apps can help engage students who might not normally speak out in class or ask questions, making the overall learning experience more valuable.