top-only protection


Protects where it's needed most

Single-side, top-only design delivers budget-friendly protection, with essential coverage for devices' most vulnerable areas – the screen-side, edges & corners.

Single-Side Design

Designed to work with the latest generation of Chromebooks and laptops, the EdgeProtect single-side case delivers cost-effective protection with enhanced coverage for vulnerable corners.

Fortified Corners

When closed for carrying, enhanced corner bumpers overlap the bottom of device, adding rugged protection where it's needed most during a drop.

Slim & Lightweight

Innovative single-side design lightens the load for student carrying, without sacrificing rugged protection. Slimmer profile enables easy charging cart compatibility. Top-only design makes for easy access to asset tags.

EdgeProtect™ Products

MAXProtec Antibacterial & Custom Colors Available 
with minimum order of 500 (Additional fees apply)

EdgeProtect for Acer C721/R721T Flip 2:1 Chromebook 11" (Black)
EdgeProtect for Acer C732 & C733 Chromebook 11" (Black)
EdgeProtect for Asus C204 Chromebook 11" (Black)
EdgeProtect for Dell 5190 & 3100 Chromebook 11" 2-in-1 Convertible (Black)
EdgeProtect for Dell 5190 & 3100 Chromebook 11" Clamshell (Black)
EdgeProtect with Stylus Holder for Dell Latitude 5300 2:1 Windows (Black)
EdgeProtect for HP Chromebook 11" G6 EE and G7 EE (Black)
EdgeProtect for HP Chromebook 14" G5 (Black)
EdgeProtect for HP X360 Chromebook 11" G2 EE (Black)
EdgeProtect for Lenovo 100e CB 11" for G1/G2 Intel-MTK Chipset (Black) Test2
EdgeProtect for Lenovo 11e Windows Yoga 11" G5 (Black)
EdgeProtect for Lenovo 300e Chromebook & Windows 11" G2 (Black)
EdgeProtect for Lenovo 500e & 11e Windows Yoga 11" G9 (Black)

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