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*Images reflect MAXCases product described; device model may vary.
Extreme Shell-L for Asus 1100 Series 11.6" Windows 10 and Chrome (Black/Clear)
AS-ESL-BR11-BLK (850035320228)
Volume Pricing Available

An all-new category of cases, the MAXCases Extreme Shell-L delivers robust, full-coverage protection in a new lightweight and budget-friendly design. The rugged top protects the expensive-to-repair device screen with a clear, rigid panel made of compound polycarbonate, surrounded by an impact-absorbing TPU bumper and enhanced corners. The device’s bottom is safeguarded against impact and scratches by another clear compound panel. The top and bottom are connected by lightweight and unobtrusive wraps positioned to provide added hinge protection. As with all MAXCases custom-fit cases, the Extreme Shell-L delivers a snug, perfect fit and supports all device functions and port access. Custom colors, logos and/or MAXProtec antibacterial upgrade available with minimum quantity of 500 (additional fees apply).

Compatible with Asus BR1100 and CR100 models, Windows 10 and Chrome versions, including the Asus CR1100FKA-YZ182T, Asus CR1100FKA-YZ182, Asus CR1100CKA-YZ142 and Asus CR1100CKA-YZ142T.

How To Install: Extreme Shell-L & -S Chromebook Cases

Introducing the Extreme Shell-L

  • Key Features
    • Custom-fit compatibility with Asus BR and CR 1100 models with Windows 10/Chrome OS.
    • Unique full-coverage design delivers cost-conscious, lightweight protection
    • Impact-absorbing TPU bumpers and corners
    • Overhang design protects top and bottom corners when device is closed
    • Clear, rigid top and bottom panels repel scratches & impact damage
    • The light and unobtrusive spine wraps connect top and bottom panels and provide added hinge protection.
    • Custom-fit supports all device functions & port access
    • Perfect-fit ballistic-glass screen protectors available for most devices, minimum quantities apply
    • Custom colors, logos and MAXProtec antibacterial upgrade available with minimum quantity of 500 (additional fees apply)
  • Downloads
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    Extreme Shell-L Flyer Rev 04.29.2022 01/28/21 PDF 1653.07 KB
    Extreme Shell-L Flyer Rev 04.29.2022 - Spanish 02/22/23 PDF 1653.98 KB
    Extreme Shell-S and -L Comparison 05/28/21 PDF 8354.60 KB
    Extreme Shell-S and Extreme Shell-L Installation Guide 10/08/21 PDF 9925.35 KB

*Images reflect MAXCases product described; device model may vary.

Lightweight & budget-friendly

Innovative design reduces weight and cost while delivering outstanding protection

360-degree protection

Rugged bumpers and enhanced overhang corners plus rigid top and bottom panels deliver full-surround protection.

Protective Spine Wrap

Vulnerable hinges get added protection thanks to the durable MAXGrip™ spine wrap, which also adds a textured grip area, providing users with a comfortable, non-slip surface to hold while carrying – for added protection against drops.

Full Functionality

Custom design delivers a snug, perfect fit for each device model, enabling easy use of all functions, ports, speakers and mics – including complete convertibility of 2:1 devices.

IT-friendly design

Designed for fast, easy installation. Clear panels provide visibility to asset tags.

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