Bags & Sleeves
Smart solutions for
         on-the-go protection


From sleek and slim to ruggedized protection, MAXCases sleeves protect Chromebooks, MacBooks, laptops and more in slim style.

Ideal In Backpacks

Sleeves fit easily into backpacks, for added protection among books and binders. Models with vertical access let students grab devices quickly, while case stays behind in the backpack.

Options For All

Sleek neoprene sleeves provide basic protection at an outstanding value. Sleeves with pockets offer handy storage for accessories and more. Rugged sleeves for Chromebooks and MacBooks protect with fortified corners, tough, molded perimeter and soft-touch interior.


Organize, protect and carry with beyond-basic bags that get you through your day with style and comfort. Designed with smart protective features plus versatile pouches,
pockets, pen holders and more.

Ranger Bag V2

Classic carrying with a slim, highly protective design


Stylish, do-it-all protection, organization and carrying

Bags and Sleeves Products

Esports Backpack
Neoprene Sleeve Vertical w/pocket - BLACK (Shoulder Strap optional)
Power Pouch for Explorer and Work-In Slim Cases 14" (Grey)
Power Pouch for Explorer and Work-In Slim Cases 11" (Grey)
Power Pouch for Explorer Work-In Case
Slim Sleeve w/ Pocket 11" (Grey)
Slim Sleeve w/Pocket 14
Work-In-Slim Folio 11" (Grey)
NEO Zip Sleeve
Work-In-Slim 11" (Grey)
Work-In-Slim 14
Work-In-Slim w/Pocket 11" (Grey)
Backpack (Grey)
Neoprene Sleeve (Black)
Explorer Work-In Case 14" (Black)
Explorer Bag with Extra Front Pocket (Black)
Explorer Work-In Case 11" (Black)
Rugged Sleeve for Chromebook 11" (Black)
Rugged Sleeve for Macbook 13" (Black)
Rugged Sleeve for Macbook 13" (Blue - Retail Package)
Rugged Sleeve for Macbook 13" (Pink - Retail Package)
( MC-RSM-13-PNK-R)
Rugged Sleeve for Macbook 13" (Red - Retail Package)
Ranger Bag V2 11" (Grey)
Zip Sleeve 11" (Black)
Zip Sleeve 14" (Black)

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