New Year = New Tech Tools for Teaching
Posted by MAXCases Admin on Jan 25, 2023

What’s the best way to teach? That’s a question that educators have grappled over for as long as formal education has been around. Over the last decade, there has been a shift from linear teaching methods to more interactive ones, greatly supported by the development of a vast number of technology tools.

According to, interactive and technology-based learning has proven to be effective. The site noted that “a study involving 105 preschoolers showed that children exposed to the gesture-interactive game-based learning approach had superior learning performance and motor skills” and that “the use of interactive learning techniques in eighth-grade and fourth-grade students yielded positive results.”

The site pointed out that “with constant technological innovations, digital learning technologies have also made their way to classrooms and other learning spaces. They now augment lessons or become the tool for the educator to deliver their lessons.”

The bottom line is that technology tools benefit our schools. Here’s how – plus some great free tools to try in each category:

Boost learning

ChatGPT. Introduced in November of 2022, ChatGPT is a free tool that uses machine learning and existing content to write original text about anything. Although there is an obvious fear that tools such as these will bring detecting student plagiarism to a whole new level, they could be used to facilitate higher-level learning. For example, ChatGPT can help students learn about new topics quickly, providing a foundation for drawing new comparisons and conclusions in their writing.

Google Practice Sets. An adaptive learning feature, Google Practice Sets provide students with hints if they are having difficulty, along with real-time feedback. This tool enables teachers to customize learning for specific student needs by offering robust reporting and by supporting targeting specific learning needs.

Increase engagement

AhaSlides. Ideal for remote learning days, AhaSlides transforms linear presentations into interactive ones with live polls, quizzes, word clouds, brainstorming activities, and spinner wheels. It’s easy to modify existing presentations to incorporate these engagement tools.

Flip. This is a video response platform that encourages student creation, expression and connection. The Flip camera offers tools and effects that resemble popular social media apps. In addition, the tools provide captioning and an ASL lens for students with special needs, along with moderation features to boost safety.

Recoup time

Scribe Extension. Instead of repeating the same directions over and over again to your students, automate the task with this Scribe Chrome extension. Create step-to-step guides for frequently used tasks, saving you time for more important or creative activities

Classroom Screen. Employ this automated teaching assistant to help you stay organized all day long. Classroom Screen is a tool that allows you to compose a screen with widgets, timers, videos, and text that direct your students through daily routines, providing support during independent work periods.

Protect equipment

Extreme Shell F Protective Cases. With just about every student working with expensive Chromebooks and laptops in today’s classroom, it’s important to protect this equipment from damage to keep students learning. MAXCases has added a slid-on design feature on its Extreme Shell F protective cases to prevent pressure hotspots that can cause screen damage.

Shield Extreme X2 Cases. Being able to position iPads at a comfortable angle for any particular learner or project can be a challenge in the classroom. Exclusively from MAXCases, the Shield Extreme X2 case has a virtually unbreakable kickstand that can achieve just that.

Extreme Headset. This newly released over-the-ear headphone set is comfortable for students using them for longer periods of time and features a durable, unmovable mic that delivers high-quality audio. Designed to withstand heavy classroom usage, these headphones have a braided cable and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Foster relationships

Along. Strong, supportive human relationships are the foundation of effective learning. The Along platform is a free digital reflection tool that can help foster better student-teacher connections and establish a system for regular contact. After you choose from a database of research-informed questions and share a personal thought, your students can then create a private video, text, or audio response.

Talking Points. Teachers need the support of parents in educating their students. A free app, Talking Points allows teachers and parents to message one another in their preferred language and manages the translation automatically. Available as both a mobile app and in text-only, Talking Points works in more than 100 languages.

Embrace technology in 2023

The vast number of technology tools to consider can be overwhelming. The key is to select those that will have the biggest impact in your school and classroom. Invest in those, learn them well, and see what a difference they can make. If they enhance your students’ learning, help you save time, reduce equipment problems, or improve your relationships, keep working with them. If they don’t meet expectations, there are always new tools to try.

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