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MAXCases is a U.S-based company dedicated to the education market. We design protective solutions that enhance learning and help schools maximize their IT budgets. We’re known for our highly-protective products: Chromebook cases and iPad cases plus accessories and cases for other popular mobile devices. We’re also known for our “do-whatever-it-takes” customer support.

For some case-makers, education is an afterthought. Not for us. Our company began with one concept – protect mobile technology products in the classroom.

MAXCases founders have been immersed in education solutions for over 20 years. As education morphed from front-of-class teaching to a collaborative approach based on 1:1 deployment of Chromebooks and iPads, we foresaw the need to protect student’s mobile devices. From this vision, MAXCases was born.

Since our founding May, 2011, MAXCases has become an award‐winning designer and manufacturer. As mobile device technology evolves, MAXCases continues to be at the forefront of developing solutions that safeguard and enhance the tools educators and students rely on in the classroom and beyond.

The ethos of our designs is rooted in direct input from teachers, students, and administrators. Real teachers and students test all MAXCases products in classrooms and other real-world environments. Based in Southern California, the MAXCases team works closely with leading technology providers including Apple®, Asus™, Acer™, Dell™, HP®, Microsoft™, Samsung™, Toshiba™, and others.

The result of these collaborations is device solutions guaranteed to deliver a perfect fit and outstanding protective performance. Our uniquely designed cases integrate the latest robust materials and features to maximize protection and comfort while providing a great user experience. We’re also happy to work with customers to accommodate special requests and requirements wherever possible – just ask!

Cameron Moore, Founder & President Max Interactive Inc.

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