AGiProtectTM with MAXCases


Protect Your Device Investments

End the budget guessing game with known, up-front costs. Substantially reduce the risk of damage with rugged MAXCases cases. If accidental damage does occur, all repairs are completely covered, with no deductible.

Screens, headphone jacks, home buttons, speakers, charging ports, and much more are repaired in AGiRepair's state-of-the-art facility. No added cost. Free shipping both ways. From a leader in the mobile device repair business for over 20 years.

Five reasons school districts rely on AGiProtect
and MAXCases to safeguard their devices

All-In-One Solution

AGiRepair provides a simple solution for a complicated problem, by delivering device protection from MAXCases plus all repairs-with unlimited accidental damage repair coverage

All-Time Fixed Cost

AGiProtect eliminates uncertaintly and unpredictable repair costs for 1:1 initiatives. It's a simple, predictable, and affordable way to safeguard devices for 1,2,3 or 4 years.

Rugged MAXCases Case

With cases from MAXCases, AGiProtect safeguards devices with highly protective, functional cases from a company dedicated to education, significantly reducing the rice of damage.

Quality Service

Sate-of-art AGiProtect repair facilities deliver unmatched quality. Submit accidental damage repairs through a simple online system and automatically print free shipping labels.

Fast Turnaround Time

With 100+ experienced technicians, even the most complicated repairs are perform quickly and accurately, helping get devices back to your staff with as little inconvenience as possible.


Let AGiRepair do the work for you. We'll unbox new devices, install asset tags, record device data like serial number, asset tag number, and Wifi address in an Excel spreadsheet, install cases, and ship devices to you ready to go (minimal fee applies).

AGiProtect with MAXCases vs. Apple Care+

Choosing the right protection plan is an important decision when deploying a 1:1 initiative. Here’s how our program compares with AppleCare+®.

with MAXCases for iPad 7/8
for iPad 7/8
1 Year Term
Not available
2 Year Term
3 Year Term
4 Year Term
iPad Case
Limited case options
Coverage Limits
Only 2 incidents of damage per year
Repair Services
Issues a replacement device instead of your original student device
Claim Process
In-depth approval process

The MAXCases AGiProtect Process

1. AGiProtect with MAXCases purchased

School district purchases 3,000 AGiProtect plans for their high school 1:1 iPad initiative

2. Devices distributed to students

Bobby is one of those high school students. He loves his new iPad and rugged case.

3. Accidental damage inflicted

Bobby is carrying an armload of books, papers and his iPad. A classmate bumps him and he drops his iPad; it falls hard, onto a cement surface. While damage is rare with aMAXCases, he’s one of the unlucky ones and the iPad is damage.

4. Damage reported

Bobby takes the damage iPad to the IT Department. Since it’s covered under the district AGiProtect plan, the repair will be covered ferr of charge.

5. Devices shipped for free

The school IT staff uses the AGiProtect online portal to submit the repair claim and print free shipping labels, then ships the Ipad to the AGiRepair facility

6. Repair performed

The repairs are quickly made to the highest quality and the iPad is returned to the school.

AGiProtect with MAXCases

All-In-One Solution
One-Time Fixed Cost
Rugged MAXCases Case
Unlimited Accidental Damage Repairs
Zero Dollar Deductible
1-Year Term
includes MAXCases case

Incudes a Case + 2 Year of Unlimited
Accidental Damage Protection with
$0 deductible*

iPad 7/8 - $39
MacBook Air 13” - $119
2-Year Term
includes MAXCases case

Incudes a Case + 3 Year of Unlimited
Accidental Damage Protection with
$0 deductible*

iPad 7/8 - $49
MacBook Air 13” - $159
3-Year Term
includes MAXCases case

Incudes a Case + 3 Year of Unlimited
Accidental Damage Protection with
$0 deductible*

iPad 7/8 - $59
MacBook Air 13” - $199
4-Year Term
includes MAXCases case

Incudes a Case + 4 Year of Unlimited
Accidental Damage Protection with
$0 deductible*

iPad 7/8 - $69
MacBook Air 13” - $259

*All pricing subject to change without notice. Minimum AGiProtect order quantity of 25. Please inquire directly if interested in AGiProtect for other iPad, MacBook, or Chromebook models. Cases may also be purchased separately from AGiRepair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a covered repair claim?

The AGiProtect online work order system makes it easy to submit repair claims as well as to chek the warranty eligibility of devices, print shipping labels, and track the status of repairs from start to finish.

What is the duration of coverage?

You can choose to purchase AGiProtect with MAXCases for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years.

What repairs are covered?

AGiProtect cover acidental damage repairs including broken screen, home buttons, headphone jacks, charging ports, speakers, camera, button, and many more!

How long do repairs take?

Repairs are completed with in 1-3 days of arrival at the repair facility.

What if a covered device is deemed unrepairable?

If a device covered by AGiProtect is deemed unrepairable,the remaining time left on your plan will be transferred to nother device.

If a case is deemed defective, what is theprocess to receive a new one?

Case defects are covered by the MAXCases manufacturer warranty, and will be replaced free of charge.