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5 Surprising Things Your Chromebook Can Do

You may know the basics about your Chromebook, like using your browser to surf the web, or sharing and storing files on the cloud. Here are 5 things you may not know that your Chromebook is capable of:

1. Run apps offline
Work offline by finding Offline Apps on the Chrome Web store. Your progress will be synced online as soon as you re-connect to the internet. Google Docs and Gmail are just two examples of apps you can utilize, so you can get your work done, even when you aren’t connected to the world wide web.

2. Run Android apps
Running Android apps on your Chromebook is easier than ever. Simple download your desired app from the Google Play Store and go at it. (Note: Chromebook-compatible apps are only shown in the Play Store if you are on a Chromebook.)

3. Listen to iTunes
Import your iTunes library into Google Play Music, which functions through your internet connection. Once you’ve converted your iTunes Library, you can find your music through the Google Play app on your Chromebook.

4. Skype
Although there isn’t a built-in app for Skype, you can still access your account. Sign in as normal through and fly through conference calls and video chat meetings.

5. Edit photos and videos
Your Chromebook includes a built-in image editor that will get most basic photo edits done. If that’s not enough, plenty of free image editors are available for your Chromebook in the app store. The perfect editing angle is also easy to achieve with a MAXCases device case. Rotating cases and stands make editing pictures and videos comfortable and convenient, no matter where you are.

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